What is Erythrophobia?

s5ut5t2ie3Erythrophobia = Fear of Blushing (a type of social anxiety)

Erytrophobes – people who suffer from erythrophobia – live in a constant state of fear that they are going to blush. They usually do so very easily, which only worsens this condition. The fear of blushing alone can induce the dreaded red tide, though there are many other triggers, triggers the afflicted person soon knows and learns to fear in advance. The body’s reaction to this fear is, of course, to do the exact thing the sufferer is afraid of and doesn’t want it to do: blush.

This pre-embarrassment of being embarrassed can turn into a vicious downward spiral that leads to depression, reclusiveness, loss of social connections and life, loss of employment, and, in a few documented cases, suicide.

Breaking out of this cycle is difficult, and often a lonely endeavour. People who don’t suffer from erythrophobia have a difficult time understanding exactly how crippling it can be. How can they, when all they associate with the color red is passion, tomatoes and stop lights? To an Ery, the thought of the color red alone can trigger a blush. The same goes for talking to strangers, holding a presentation, voicing an opinion, bumping into a member of the opposite sex – or even just thinking of those things.

In my opinion, the greatest culprits of this social anxiety are extremely low self-esteem and self-confidence. At least, that was the guilty party in my case. Worrying too much about other peoples’ opinions is another biggie.

But here’s the good news: they can all be overcome. You can boost your self-confidence. You can grow your self-esteem. And you can stop caring what other people think of you. Most of all, you can stop worrying about blushing at every turn.

It’s all a matter of reconditioning your thought patterns. Getting off the beaten tracks of self-doubt and self-abuse by treading new positive paths through your mind.

With this blog, I hope to raise awareness and to offer comfort, tips, tricks and thoughts on overcoming this phobia. That being said, I’m no doctor or phsychiatrist! I have no background in either field. I don’t have a miracle cure, and I don’t have all the answers. But I’m an Ery who has overcome her phobia. As such, I understand what eries go through, and I’m hoping others can benefit from my experience.

You’re not alone in this!