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31 Quotes of People Who live with Social Anxiety

Never know what to say to people who ask how it feels to live with social anxiety? Here’s a link to 31 quotes of people who know exactly what it’s like. Take your pick.

Living with Erythrophobia

How (and Why) To Tell your Colleagues You’re an Ery

Are you afraid to go to work because your boss might assign you a blushworthy task? Here’s how telling him about your erythrophobia could help you deal with the terror of a major, embarrassing “episode” at work.

Overcoming Erythrophobia

How to Make the Right Decisions in Life

In my last post, Think Pink – How Positivity Shapes your Destiny, I talked about love being the most positive, and fear the most negative forces in our lives. Now I want to focus a little more on these emotions – love and hate – and how they influence our decisions and lives every day.… Continue reading How to Make the Right Decisions in Life