Overcoming Erythrophobia

How this paradoxial approach might help you heal your fear of blushing

2017-03-17_Produce The Blush

I found an interesting article on Psychology Today. It suggests to “invite the symptoms”, meaning to try to purposefully produce the blush. Apparently, this helped the patient in question decrease his blushing dramatically by learning two important things:

One, he had more control than he thought he did. And two, he could tolerate the uncertainty of not having total control.

The article also gives other suggestions for dealing with your fear of blushing. It’s a good read and I think it has merit, though I don’t advise trying the inviting-the-symptoms technique without help of a therapist!

For more info and the entire article, go here: Fear of Blushing – Try a paradoxial approach to stop blushing and embarrassment.


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