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31 Quotes of People Who live with Social Anxiety

To people who don’t suffer from it, social anxiety can be somewhat of a mystery.

Oh, let’s face it: a gigantic mystery.

They will never fully understand this faceless entity that holds us back, holds us down, holds us prisoner.

But take heart. Others may not understand, but you are not alone. You know it’s real, and so do I. And so do millions of others who suffer from various forms of social anxiety.

So if someone asks you – with real interest – what it’s like to suffer from social anxiety, and you can’t find your own words to describe it, send them this link to 31 Secrets of People Who Live With Anxiety.


This is what it’s like.

And if they still don’t understand… you know what, that’s okay, too. They struggle with other things, things you may not understand.

We don’t all have to comprehend each others’ struggles. All we have to do is remember that they appear as big to them as yours do to you.

Our Struggles are Real and Present



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